Does anyone recongize this gall?

purple dolphinWell if you don’t know who she is, she was a girl who scammed me back in the good ol’ TNS days…

I was just asking who had coined ipatch… I don’t even remember what she took from me.

Don’t get me wrong I may have mistaken her by someone else, but i’m sure this name is familiar. I know it from somewhere.

Anyways just felt like posting something since I haven’t been posting lately. Why? ’cause I literally broke my wrist during volleyball on monday. Now, whenever I type, my wrist cracks (oh no what am I gunna do about piano!)



22 thoughts on “Purpledolphin128

  1. shes my friend and ive traded with her lots of times and she doesnt scjam mayb you mistaken her with blue dolphin and greendolphin cause she doesnt skam and shes my bestfriend and she doesnt hack or any of that stuff i know her irl and shes the nicest person ever i think you guys mistaken her 🙂

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