Celebrity’s Style

*note: this post is not teaching people to copy a celebrities style. It is only a little bit of knowledge on how celebrities dress, and how you could get their style without wearing exactly what they are.*

Hey guys!

today I’ll be talking about Celebrity’s Style and some tips on getting their look at half the price.


All four of the celebrities here have this color scheme thing going on.

Yara_Yara– Black, dark purple, formal

Ararara– Light blue, Gold, white, formal

An_molly– White, grey, silver, formal

Pinkstardust– Red, black, gold, formal

(Why are celebrities always dressed like they’re attending a prom?)

First, to create your own look, lets choose a color scheme!

Me: I choose blue, black, and gold.

Second, lets see what kind of style your aiming for. Is it casual? formal? preppy?

Me: I choose casual.

Now lets choose a hair! I would go for a natural colored one since you don’t want to interfere with your color scheme.


pp1 Hair description: From Cody’s Crazy Combos. Can be found at MyMall for 5000 Gold. (Minimum price). Color: Soft blonde.

Alright now lets choose an outfit. (Not a top and bottom. An outfit.) Make sure the main colors in the outfit is the color you chose as the color scheme. For me, it was blue, black and gold.


pp2  Outfit description: Limited Item called “Midnight Blue Outfit”. Released on September 2012. Can be found at MyMall for around 3000-4500 Gold. Color: blue.

Since my outfit covered my shoes, I don’t need to choose. If your outfit does not cover your feet, then choose a color from your color scheme. I would go for black, white, or gold. These colors match with practically everything!

Choosing a board. Choose another color from your color scheme. Try not to choose the same color scheme as your outfit. Since my outfit is mainly blue, I wouldn’t go for a blue board. I would choose a black, or gold board.


pp3  Board description: Released on October 2009. Item was sold at Vintage Gold. Can be found at MyMall for 7,500 Gold. (minimum price). Color: black.


Now time for the accessories! (everyone’s fav part, eh?)

Recap of my color scheme: Blue, black and gold.

I would use Gold since it just lightens up the whole look a bit without blinding someones eyes out. Just a sparkly kind of look, which I like.. nothing to dramatic 🙂



Ta to the da! here is the final look! doesn’t it look like I could be a golden statue somewhere in the Hall of Fame? (huge imagination skills needed here. Work with me pls)

Are you seeing it? ARE YOH?!? >o>



anyways, that is all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial thing.. also please post a picture of your final outfit! I would love to see it. Simply tag your post “fantagespyceleb” or comment below the link to your post 🙂






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