The Short Ponytail

I had this really cute hair for a while, and I realized it’s actually really easy to make it match with what your wearing!

hairs styling

Here’s some ideas:

Dark Outfits

This hair goes great with darker items! Because it is redish-brown, it blends in with your dark black, green-ish, blue-ish colors

hairs styling 1

See what I mean? IT LOOKS F-A-B-U

Lighter Outfits

It goes well with dark outfits, but it also looks awesome with lighter outfits.hairs styling 2

See? The colors contrast/blend in well. It even looks sorta good with the messed up patterened cute dress 😛

In my opinion, I’d say this hair goes well with EVERYTHING. From light to dark to crazy!!

hairs styling 3

On second thought, maybe not EVERYTHING… well at least all the cute outfits?

Now here’s how I wear it in “fantage style”.

hairs styling 4

See? It goes well with everything: pink, blue, black, yellow, white, etc.

Now, for seasonal outfits!


I think this hair goes PERFECT with autumn. It’s red, which is similar to the beautiful leaves that fall off the trees.

hairs styling autumn


Since this hair contrasts well with blue, it goes nicely with the winter style!

hairs styling winter


The season with flowers blooming and plants growing! Matches so well with this hair as well!

hairs styling spring


Summer is the season of sun, vacation, and NO SCHOOL! (wooh) And outfits that are light are the best things to wear!

hairs styling summer(Those sunglasses are important doe)

Hope this helped you!

Rate this, and give me feedback in the comments below! Remember: I’m still a noob at this so i’m not really good at matching outfits (unlike cloudy and minitricia) so your just gunna have to deal with my fail-ness.



13 thoughts on “The Short Ponytail

    1. i feel liak such a hobo responding to a comment cloud’s supposed to respond to… -_-
      the clubhouse thing is basically they create a servey, and i think they choose the top fantagians to earn 10,000… not sure LOL okay im sorry.

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