Cardboard box vs… a shirt?

Sometimes, I don’t understand the designer behind some of the Fantage items… its like the were drunk when they were drawing the items.

Here are two examples:

1)WHAT This shirt… I couldn’t even recognize as to what it was! at first I was like “oh that’s once fancy card board box… with a collar..” then I was like “please don’t tell me this is supposed to be a shirt -o-”

Here’s what it looks like:

o1 (I tried my best to make to make it look less like a fancy card board box) So do you see what I mean? the shading is what made it look weird. Its like one side of your body is popped up as if there was a box under your shirt… I mean, whoever was drawing this probably had a hand spasm and couldn’t click redo so they just tried to patch it up but it turned out even worse.

Next please!

2) what1This.. thing.. again, why Fantage why?! it looks like there are two boxes shoved under the shoulders of this jacket. I just wonder what was in the person’s mind when designing this..


yep, I knew it.

Anyways, I tried to fix this up a bit and I think it looks better than the original. I mean at least you would think its a jacket at first glance!


eh? what do you think? better than the original right?


BYE (:

oh and don’t forget to comment below your thoughts on this post!

8 thoughts on “Cardboard box vs… a shirt?

  1. WTH is wrong with the spikes on that shirt? we’re on fantage, not some “weird cloths” contest yesh fantage these days

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