What would you do?

meet sara:


me: hii

sara: //runs away

me: hi sara

sara: umm haii

me: wanna be friends?

sara: idk

me: add me?

sara: //ignores and talks to friend

me: sara

sara: wut

me: add me?

sara: //continues to talk to friend about cc and bunny nose

me: I have cc too lol

sara: omg really?

me: yea

sara: add me

Convo. ended

Later, I go on my main account and ask sara the same question. “wanna be friends?”

this time I get a totally different response! here is what happened.

Me: wanna be buddies?

sara: yes

me: ok

sara: I already added you


See? she immediately adds me without saying anything. Whereas with my other account, sara keeps on ignoring me and tries to run away.

Lets move on to my next guest!

Lets meet:


me: hi there

star: hey

me: wanna be friends?

star: …

me: wanna be buddies?

star: aren’t we already?

me: aww thanks (:

star: np (:

Now I went on to my main account and asked her again

me: pokes

star: hey

me: wanna be friends?

star: idk you but sure

me: oki


I ❤ people who don’t judge you ^.^

comment below if you have done this experiment before!

6 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. ll rasies hand ll OHHH I HAVE

    on my non main acc:
    Want to be friends?
    Them: nty… *le poofs*
    On my boy acc (btw I’m not a boy);
    Want to be buddies?
    Them: YEAH! WEBBA add meh please, come to my place I want to get to know you better!

    Me: *face plam*
    Some people just don’t understand

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