Flying in MYMALL!

A lot of people actually beg me to tell them how I float in heaven. most convos end up like this:


me: you wanna know the secret?




and they normally end up hiding or sulking in corners. yep thats life fantagians.

Okay so here I’m actually gunna teach you how to fly! So be prepared for awesomeness (that sounds so cheesy -n-)

Before you start, you want to make sure you can move your avatar with your keyboard arrows. If it won’t work, try exiting from your chat box. Your avatar should move with the direction of the arrow (of course, you’d know that).

mymall flying 1

1. You want to zoom out to 50%. To do this, you need a mouse (though im not sure if it’ll work without one…). Press “ctrl” on your keyboard, and “Scroll down”. You will see your screen turn tiny! Since I use chrome, I can see how much it zooms out. I don’t want to check my other browsers, because they’re really slow -_-.

mymall flying 2


From here, press your arrow down. You should see your avatar at the bottom of the play screen thing.

mymall flying 3


Once this is done, zoom back out to 100%. Your screen should turn back to normal.

mymall flying 4


Press your arrow down. This time, your avatar should move down past the bottom. If that’s confusing, refer to this picture:

mymall flying 5


can ya see me? can ya SEE MEE??? well i wonder why theres thick black lines forming a circle up there… with eyes hm??

Finally, just press anywhere on the walls. Don’t click twice, just once. You’ll be flying in no time!!

If this doesn’t work try again…

mymall flying 6


If you’re wondering where I am, I’m the beautiful person that looks like this:

mymall flying 7

Have fun being able to move around the whole place!



32 thoughts on “Flying in MYMALL!

  1. OMG omg tysm, and can you like do a post about that brick thing that’s on the announcement stuff, please! I think fantage is realizing a Lego set or somthin

  2. I got a WAYYY more easier way to do it.
    You know how you always enter MyMall you are beside the elevator door and behind the eCoin exchange thing.
    Now when you enter, DO NOT move AT ALL. AT ALL. Just click where you want to fly and TA-DAH 🙂

      1. ok figured the percent out but do i click fantage screen then zoom out or do i click side of screen and zoom out because it only works if i click the outside side of screen and not actually the fantage screen then it doesnt work

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