Fantage Legos?!


this banner doesn’t give us much details as to what this “brick set” is all about… but looks to me like Fantage is making a set of FANTAGE LEGOS?!?


here is someone’s thoughts on what this might be…




Le Lego Shope, Le Lego My Eggo Mall, Lego Fantagians, Lego this lego that.


If that’s what they’re planning on making, I just.. no.. ITS JUST NOT THE SAME.

it would be like POLLY POCKETS. but with legos. and you dont want that now do you?

Internets Down.

Me: Hey wanna come over?

Friend: sure!

Me: wanna play Fantage?

Friend: yass

Me: //types in

computer: *dinosaur image* No connection to the internet.

Me: aww, looks like the wifi is down.

Friend: what are we gonna do know?

Me: umm. do you wanna build a snowman?

Friend: HAHA no.

Me: oh! I got an idea!

Friend: huh?

Me: we can still play Fantage without a computer!!

Friend: what??

Me: //pulls out Fantage Lego set

Friend: woah!! what is that?

Me: //looks at camera

Me: Now you can get the Fantage Lego set for only $14.99! call now at 1-800-fan-tage and we will also throw in a Fantage Start up DVD!

Friend: wow! now we don’t ever have to worry if the wifi goes down!

Me: //nods

Me: //opens box

Friend: //takes a lego

Me: lets get building!


Me: //really fast end-of-commercial voice: Fantage Lego is not responsible for scammers, hackers, and whiny babies. Fun to play with not to eat!

29 thoughts on “Fantage Legos?!

  1. oh goodness Lego Star Wars, Lego blocks, and now Lego fantage…..ummm yay! LEGI EVERYWHERE( I m being sarcastic)

  2. Hi cloud.. a few days ago I saw you in uptown and I was pinto9726 remember me? You were totally ignoring me and you were just more intrested to talk with your one or whatever. :/ That was totally sad. I never knew that you’ll say nothing to me :/

    Sent from Windows Mail

  3. on facebook fantage post, fantage post the lego post thing and many people guessing tht its about Gold…like wat doe,is fantage making this lego and WE BUY IT WITH GOLD!? 😮 lol o:

  4. Hi! I don’t know where to put this, but can I promote or like advertise my blog here? I’m also a Fantage blogger but I’m just starting out. I know you might say no, but can I?

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