Cloud Poser??!?!

Selena and I were on today, and there’s this girl that comes up and says “Selena! I’m Cloud!” So being the nice person Selena is, she says “Add me”. LOL okay so your probably thinking, were is this going. Well here’s how the conversation was like:

Poser: I’m Cloud!

Selena: Oooo add me (or sumthin like that i dont remember okay?)

Me: ehh are you sure that’s cloud

and then we start asking questions

me: Do you know how to fly?

poser: yes

me: okay who tought you

poser: –

Selena: Are you cloud?


Selena: okay

me: okay go


poser: i gtg

and she never left LOL

cloud poserher username is hopes___ or something like that

Anyways if it was cloud, then you defintly fooled us! Good job (-o-)

Plus the girl was a member, so Selena and I were liak: Okay cloud wouldn’t dress up like that. Cloud wouldn’t spend money on membership etc.

Well tell me if it was you cloud, and if it was not, AHAHH BUSTED YOU HOPE PERSON oOo


16 thoughts on “Cloud Poser??!?!

  1. well, was that real or just A maded post? cuz ur new post about the words showing I mean about the red words, in that post the last two pictures, the person named hopes is in that picture… :/ :/ this thing is annoying meh..

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