Defy Fantage Chat Filters!

So Fantage removed the ‘red words’ and stuff so now we’re all confused and depressed and sad and…

well we can’t do anything about that, so here are some ways to make sure what you’re saying is showing!

Chatting with friends

1. Use colors!

You know that it showed when…. your message is in the color you selected

You know it didn’t show when… the color of your message is black.

  1. Pick a color! (preferably not Black or Grey)kk2
  2. Message your friend!                                 kk3

As you can see, I tried to ask her “Whats your name”, but the text showed as black, (instead of turquoise).

So I tried again (and added a whole bunch of random letters), and my text was turquoise! that means it showed 😀


Chatting in public

Just type in “uqly” in every sentence, and if it turns into “awesome”, your sentence showed. If it stayed “uqly”, then it didnt.

kk4 kk5


Numbers that show:

1- one

2- too

3- tree

4- for

5- fjzve

6- swix

7- svn

8- ate

9- n!ne

10- tjen

20- twen ty

30- thjmnrty

40- for ty

50- fyfty

60- swixty

70- svnty

80- ate y

90- n!nety

thousand- tousand

hundred- hjundred

Now that you have the basics, combine them!


Hope this helped~~



22 thoughts on “Defy Fantage Chat Filters!

  1. I use to be able to type in ughy to say awesome, but then it stoped working. I didn’t know you could type in uqly! Lol now I feel like a dumb potato…

  2. I use it sometimes… I use shoeS and hopeS a lot.
    I’m kind of annoyed Fantage got rid of it, but at the same time I’m thankful.
    It’s just extremely when you type something really long in and it turns red.

  3. aye cloud. I bought brown battle hair (the one from the fashion battle) for 10,000 gold is that a gud deal or I wasted my gold?…. …please help meh! 😦

  4. back then when red chat was here,many people got annoyed of it and started a war too much (fine it isnt ;w; ) and now, the red chat was gone and ppl still cant talk everything…wanna know why? i’ll tell u V_V fantage thought we only dont want the red color text so fantage staff removed the red color away and keep the chat not showing 😡

  5. Hey! The part where u were trying to type “name” it works for me to say “nzme” it works perfectly fine 4 meh… Try it out!! 😉 it shows lol

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