banning rumors!

/sorry but I just can’t believe as to how many people fall for these rumors/

so we all know about Fantage’s new policy where we can’t share accounts, right?

but then there’s a whole bunch ‘o’ lil innocent people like me getting banned..


-you logged on Fantage in a differet location

-you played Fantage on your portable device using Puffin

-you were being naughty in front of the admin





but now u ask me, “why would people make up these rumors?”

for the first one, silver bunny is like the most popular server. More people=the higher probability of people getting banned. A whole bunch of people might have been using Puffin while in Silver Bunny. this leads to a ban.

and if you think about it, (or if you understand computers), it literally makes no sense! the fact that Fantage would actually ‘curse’ Silver Bunny is like, no.

and if you think someone hacked Fantage, think again. First of all, the website itself would not even work. secondly, WHY WOULD AN ADULT SPEND TIME TRYING TO HACK INTO A BROKE KIDS WEBSITE WHEN THERE’S TARGET AND WALMART.

now as to the second rumor. Admins don’t ban you on purpose!! just no!

k idk if this helped or-


24 thoughts on “banning rumors!

  1. wait
    can you go up to an admin and say gold stinks
    woud he ban you
    because that’s just being honest
    you’re not being naughty

    1. Depends on the admin, and the setting. If your with 30 people and they are all saying that, then probably not. If you are by yourself in a clam server it depends on the admins mood. That might be naughty in their eyes…..

  2. I got banned for 12 hours for saying “chink”, I was trying to say “beach” but It wasn’t showing so I said “bea chINK.” And boom it banned me.

  3. Hi Cloud! So I have to report this new problem/glitch. So I was on Lucky bot and I got the yellow glowsticks, but I didn’t get it. Same thing happened after I won the Pilgrim adventure game. Nothing. I think Fantage is having this glitch because I am not getting items.

    1. Hi Cloud! This same thing happened AGAIN. So I just won 3 gold rubies, but I didn’t get them! This is really annoying and getting out of hand, and I wonder if this is happening to anyone else?

  4. The rumors may be lies but I think it’s kinda true about the admin banning users for no reason. My account got banned last month for 150 hours because of my slow internet connection. So I created a new account, it was okay for the first few times. But when I logged out because the connection got stuck at 67 for nearly 10 minutes and logged back in, the message popped out saying I got banned for 150 hours. I was so angry as Fantage never replied my email regarding this. One thing for sure is, I didn’t do anything wrong! ><

  5. Cloud, how much is the beta crown board worth. I saw in my mall for three thousand but I literally have no idea if I should buy or not. Should I wait till it gets cheaper, or should I buy now. I saw my friend emx sell hers for five thousand and now I found one for three thousand.

  6. Okay, actually we don’t know the answer yet. This is STILL a mystery when my main account has been banned when I HAVE NOT gotten hacked. I’m sure, and I know my pass is extremely… secure. I JUST LIKE GOT BANNED FOR 96 HOURS FOR NO REASON!! Do you think that playing Fantage from another computer but in the same house is = BAN?
    Help… 😦

  7. And yeah, I agree with the Silver Bunny part. like WHO in their mind would ban ban ban all the users ONLY on Silver Bunny? I’ve been on there with my backup (when my main is banned) and I didn’t get banned. WHAT on earth, man??
    And the Target and Wal-Mart part was funny… xD

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