Hey guys! here’s a tip to style shirts on Fantage.

We all have those shirts in our inventory that we don’t wear for a particular reason. Sometimes its because the shoulders are too puffy, sometimes its the collar, etc..

well I have a solution! wear a scarf 😀

s1 s2

If you would like a scarf, I am selling the Checkered Scarf for 1800 Gold. Just ask me in the comments section if you would like to purchase one!

Some tops that would look better with a scarf!


You see those? to me, most of the tops above aren’t what I wear quite often. They each have a bit of imperfection to them which I don’t quite like 😛

So I use a scarf to cover it up, and it makes the top look a lot better!

And of course, you can wear scarfs with good looking tops. That’s not the problem since they look good without a scarf anyway.

Here are outfit ideas using some of the tops shown above!

oo1 oo2 oo3 oo4

oo5 oo6 oo7 oo8

What do you think? which is your favorite outfit? for me, I really like the 5th one. (First one in the second row). The boots and glasses add a really edgy look!


43 thoughts on “Scarfs!

  1. cloud!!!!!!! are you selling lovely prom hair or flower hair by any chance? ( im fantage poor btw nothing more than 6k pwease that is if you have it) while we’re at it, do you have a wintergreen for sale too?

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