new drawing


so this is my latest drawing hehe

im still new to this stuff like shading :/

so for all those pro artists pls comment i wanna hear feedback! thanks 🙂


18 thoughts on “new drawing

  1. I love it! But if you really want advice from a artist, go lighter on the shading so that the difrences in shading is clearer. But! I really do like it!

  2. The shading on the face is a little too heavy, its good, but kinda heavy.
    The focal point of the drawing seems to be the face, but even so, you should try to shade the hair and clothes more too, it’ll help everything look more natural.
    And uh yeah thats it I never do realism anymore so I’m not much help.

  3. It’s really nice!!! 😀
    Next time, consider using guidelines for a more accurate shape.
    The only problems I can find are that the left cheekbones aren’t defined enough (they should protrude a little with this perspective and facial expression) and there should be some hair on the left.

  4. //sweats
    I would say that you don’t need to go lighter on shading but you do need more contrast in the image
    Bc skin can be dark or light and so can hair but if you’re doing like a Caucasian person you can add a black bg so the drawing doesn’t look flat, and naturally for a darker person a white bg would look better
    You should refine your shading so the skin looks smoother
    As you go out of the central focus you can make it sketchier but ya
    The proportions are a bit off but otherwise it’s p good!!!!!

  5. I think it’s reallllllyyyyy good. But if you want advice, I’ve been shading and drawing stuff for a while. I think ( you don’t have to change it ok?) that maybe if you made the shirt collar or fabric a little more defined, then it could help neutralize the overall drawing. Also, you could make the proportions a little more tilted if you were going for a sideways face. This is only a suggestion!!!! 🙂

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