So there was this dude at the Star Cafe and he was just standing there… then he changed his hair, and his eyes changed o.o


DID YOU SEE THAT. DID YOU. Well I figured out how to do it ahah 😀


I went to the Spanish server and saw him there. Thats when I knew I was on the right track!

So basically, to other people, it looks like a crazy glitch. Well, it is. kinda.

1) Log onto any English server on your account

2) Log on to a Spanish server using the same account

3) In the Spanish server, go to sunblock. You can change your eyes, skin or both.

4) Now on the English server, just change a hair, top etc.

5) You cannot see the change, but other people can!

6) I suggest going on a spare account to see what you really look like!

Here is what I look like on the Spanish server:

kkk3 Here is what I look like on the English server before changing:kkk4

And I took this picture in a different tab on my other account. This is what I look like to other people:


the end!


Comment Below :)

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