Get Ready for Winter: 2014 Limited Items

Article by Ceindrina

Edited by cloud82

Excuse me for not posting for awhile.

Well hey guys! Fantage just released some new limited items today for winter πŸ™‚

lim winter 1

Now I have to be honest with you: These items are SO NICE! They really caught up with fashion trends in the real world πŸ˜€ (but that beard though…)lim winter 2

I LOVE THESE ITEMS ❀ I like how the non member items (Starred ones) are as fashionable as the member ones! my favorite set is the first one.


Gold Pack

Hair-2000 Gold

Shirt-2500 Gold

Bottom-1300 Gold

Shoes-1200 Gold

Members’ Pack (Starred are for members only)

Hair-2000 Gold/4000 Stars

Shirt-2500 Gold/5000 Stars

Bottom-1300 Gold/2600 Stars

Shoes-1000 Gold/2000 Stars

Non-Members’ Pack

Hair-1600 Gold/3200 Stars

Shirt-2000 Gold/4000 Stars

Bottom-1300 Gold/2600 Stars

Hair Acc-900 Gold/1800 Stars

I would recommend buying these items with Gold at MyMall (if you have Gold). Why? sooner or later, people will be selling these items for a lot cheaper!

Now let’s all just take a moment to thank Fantage because of these extra-pretty outfits they finally designed. Sure it’s expensive, but if you’re someone who doesn’t care about gold and stars (like me) then this would be a perfect opportunity πŸ™‚

lim winter 3

Fantagian Inspired
top top3 top4 top5Β Β top7 top8 top9 top10



7 thoughts on “Get Ready for Winter: 2014 Limited Items

  1. oh great,so im not the only one who thought those outfits are so pretty! XD and i do care for my stars,i tryed hard (nooo not really ;w;) to earn more stars,now i got 46,000 stars,SOO CANNOT WAIT TO BUY THOSE! C:

  2. i was wondering if there was a way non members could get the gold items without paying gold
    i know the tab trick thingy but is seems to not be working :/

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