2014 Winter Collection | Styled It


Last updated December 13 2014

Screenshot_20 Fantage released some new limited items for winter. We have the non-member set here. Fantage did a great job for designing these limited items, I’m glad that non-members get to have such amazing outfit.

Short Orange Hair

Is great that the hair is not accessorize,so you can wear it on any occasion. There is a similar one in Stellar Salon, except it has a winter hat on it.

Screenshot_21 Since it winter now, you can wear this hair instead of the new one.

White Polka Dot Sweater

  • Matching it with solids. White goes with every colour 🙂


  • Jeans! I’ve said this many times but jeans go with everything!


  • Prints with prints. Be careful though not every print matches.

Screenshot_24  X     Screenshot_25  / 

Winter Pink Skirt

Tops that looks good with the skirt.

Screenshot_28 Screenshot_29 Screenshot_30 Screenshot_31 Screenshot_32 Screenshot_33

Here’s how I’d style it:

Screenshot_34 Screenshot_35 Screenshot_37 Screenshot_38Screenshot_39Screenshot_40


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