Whats that spot?

1. spot


3. spot2

4. spot3

5. spot4

5. spot5

Comment below where you think these places are on Fantage! (cover the comments with yours hands so you aren’t cheating LOL)

26 thoughts on “Whats that spot?

  1. 1. the carnival???
    2. The beach???
    3. Beach, it’s the cruise ship thingy
    5. Carnival (beside the dude on the left)

  2. 1) the island (photo booth)
    2) the island (by the photo booth)
    3) the Beach (the cruise ship)
    4) the castle
    5) the carnival (raj’s card game thing)
    6) WHERE DA HECK IS MUSHROOM LAND??? is it in a game lol?

  3. ok i figured it out 😀
    1) the island photo booth
    2) the island by the photo booth
    3) the beach the cruise ship
    4) the castle
    5) the carnival raj’s card trading game whatnot
    6) fantagian village 😀

  4. Okie idek since I rarely go on fantage buttttt ITS A FREE COUNTRY SO WHO CARES okie so
    1:photo booth at (island???)
    2:island fashion show??? (Idek)
    3:cruise at (beach???)
    5. card traders at (carnival???)
    extra 5 AKA 6?: mt fantGe???

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