Happy Holidays | Christmas Event 2014

Article by Minitricia and cloud82



It’s the holiday season! and Fantage is now covered with snow! as said above on the sign, every 1000th, 5000th and 10,000th player to build a snowman receives Gold as a prize.

Christmas Tree


Visit the Christmas tree on Mt Fantage. Click on the tree and you will get a Snowman Face. After 15 minutes, come back, click on the tree, and get the Snowman Nose:

Screenshot_7 Screenshot_10

If you don’t want to wait 15 minutes in order to collect the Snowman Face or Nose, you can purchase them for 200 Gold by clicking “Buy”.

Once you got 1 snowman’s face and nose you can build a snowman.

Do you wanna build a snowman?

You’ll get a prize (snowman moodie) and a medal for the first build.

Screenshot_11 Screenshot_12

Polar Express

You can find the polar express at Downtown. The train leaves every 3 minutes.



Santa is coming to Fantage, find him at his cabin located at Mt. Fantage during the 25th of December. When he comes, click on him and you’ll get a prize! click here to see Last Year’s prize and how to style it.


Limited Items



Hair: 1,600 Gold   3,200 Stars

Outfit: 2,200 Gold   4,400 Stars

Shoes: 1,000 Gold   2,000 Stars

(R.I.P. eCoins; it was nice knowing you 😦 )

Fantagians spotted wearing the new limited items

Screenshot_8 Screenshot_16 Screenshot_18 me1

I love the hair omg. And I’m seeing this whole ‘turn around’ thing. Like being honest, the limited items designed this past year wasn’t the best (until Nov-Dec)

30 Million Celebration


(Billboard is outside of Hall of Fame. Click on it for more information!)

Fantage would like to thanks ever users for helping them reach up to a number of 30 Million users. There will be a raffle that picks 5 fantagians everyday until 12/26. Fantage will also be giving Fantage Brick sets for 40 lucky fantagians.

You’re also given a free board. (It’s animated)


That’s all for this event, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Oh and be on the lookout for styling tips for the new items! 🙂 STAY SAFE OKAY


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