Daily life of cloud82 #1

k den Well first I see this person named “imma member” and sure enough. SHE WAS A MEMBER. LOL it would be ironic if she wasn’t a member though

MSH  Then my friend, “lizzypinkie692” told me her msh got scammed. HER MSH.





let that sink in real deep.



WINNER  Well congratulations to Ashley for winning!!day1 Le ice cream squad.yay WE ESCAPED THE TINY CONTAINERS OF THE GELATO CART! HUZZAH!11!!

clones Now meet the squad! jkjk this isnt my squad. Why would I have a squad? I will never have a squad. Cloud82 having a squad? thats nonesense.



Untitled-4 met a couple fans. sorry i didn’t accept your buddy requests; I like leaving some space in my buddy list. and obviously i have a hard time doing that



now im going to end this post with squidward.



18 thoughts on “Daily life of cloud82 #1

  1. Just saw this and yep my MSH got scammed :(. Since I’m really busy with school nowadays, I don’t go on Fantage anymore. I decided to sell a lot of my items for real money. I sold about half of my “valuable” items to a trusted person. I found a new person who wanted to buy the MSH and she offered $100. That person was Ladiamond7. I gave her the MSH first since she is well known. She claimed to have sent the money but I never got it. Then she said that she sent it to the “wrong” email and I asked her to give it back. She posted it for sale and when I went to buy it, it disappeared. Her defense is that “someone else bought it”. Funny thing is that about 10 hours later I found her again WEARING THE MSH. People are just so crazy that they would literally do anything for a fake weave. I’m not really stressing over about it right now but I’m going to contact Fantage on Monday to ask for it back. If you want to tell anyone about Ladiamond, please do. It will save a lot of people from getting potentially scammed.


      1. Thank you so much! I don’t know if I will ever be able to get it back, but knowing that justice will be served is good enough. 🙂

    1. Omg
      I feel so bad for you! 😦 If I have chance to meet her, I’ll ask her to give your msh back to you.
      Btw, good luck with your school!

  2. And yeah btw I only go onto fantage if I have a membership so ppl dont like hate on me. I was on winter break so I decided to get a membership otherwise I don’t really use it cause I got school… and sports… and a little something called a life no offense to anyone… but yeah some people are annoying about the name and there like “YOU NOT A MEMBER” BLAH BLAH BLAH anywayysss byeee!

  3. omg that gurl
    in the “Le ice cream quad”
    is my friend!!!
    ima tell her when shes on about this thing
    which means ima tell her about your blog
    your welcome…

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