How Fantagian’s treat…


P1: omg hiii!!!

celeb: hi

P1: you look pretty omg

celeb: ty

P1: lol np 🙂

P1: so hru?

celeb: Im good you?

P1: im good!! thank you so much for asking 😀

P1: soo whats up?

celeb: nothing much

P1: oh lol same

P1: well its nice meeting you!!

celeb: thx you too

P1: np! well you take care now! God bless! have a wonderful day 🙂

celeb: okay thanks

normal Fantagians

P2: hi there

P1: umm hi?

P2: whats up?

P1: …

P2: hru?

P1: -le poofs-

LOL I just witnessed this so don’t say I’m overreacting ahaha

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