Le Spy Mag

iconHey everyone! its Spy Agent Cloudy and my sidekick Frogo here to report the latest news and gossip! first up, we have a shocking story of how a fellow Fantagian named Lizzypinkie got her Movie Star Hair scammed. But by who?

Ladiamond7 scams MSH?

Lizzypinkie has recently decided to quit Fantage, so she sells some of her “valuable” items to trusted Fantagians. One of the items she sold was MSH. AKA Fantage’s most wanted hair.

Here is Lizzy wearing MSH a few months before the incident:


Lizzy on the very right

This is Lizzy’s IDfone a few hours after the incident:


How this happened? well Lizzy received an offer of $100 for the prized hair, MSH. This was offered by a Fantagian named Ladiamond7. She does have one recorded history of scamming. >>Click here to watch<< Anyways, Lizzy accepts her offer of $100. Lizzy then decides to give Ladiamond7 the hair first because she was a well known Fantagian (with a level of 3000+).

Now that Ladiamond7 has the hair, Lizzy is expecting the money. Well? Ladiamond7 claims to have sent the money to Lizzy’s Email, but later claims to have sent it to the wrong Email. Now Lizzy is left without the money, and her item.

Lizzy asks Ladiamond7 for her item back, so Ladiamond7 posts MSH for sale and when Lizzy tries to buy it, it dissappears. Ladiamond7’s defense is that “somebody else bought it”.

If you are friends with Ladiamond7, or if you ever see her, please tell her to give MSH back to Lizzy! I know one person wouldn’t make a difference, but if so many people tells her, I’m pretty sure she’s going to do something about it.

Unknown Items [fashion corner]

Where are these items from? the Christmas Tree on Mt. Fantage? if they are, I haven’t seen anyone wearing them. Take a look at what they look like!

items I think these are really fashionable! the shoes and jacket are my favorite. What are your favorites? leave a comment below!

Where’s that? [game]

w1  w3 w4

Comment below where you think these are located!

See you later everyone 🙂

21 thoughts on “Le Spy Mag

    1. Well, to get MSH, people sometimes spend even more than $100, as it can only be obtained through using Fantage Game Cards, or bought with gold on Fantage.

  1. You can’t even trust anyone on fantage at all! My sis got scammed by someone who is known around MyMall for her Basketball hair. She thought she could be trusted but I guess not.

  2. I made a post about that on Instagram. It’s getting TONS of comments. Mostly, people just arguing. But that’s better than nothing, am I right?

  3. OMG ladiamond7 is selling msh RIGHT NOW at my mall her kiosk number is 1A-10 it could be lizzypinkie692’s if she didn’t get it back yet!!

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