2015 New Years Event!

last Updated on Dec 30 2014
Article by cloud82

Hey guys! the 2015 New Years Event is out and here is some information on it. e2 So this is the banner that shows you all the information on this Event! I really hope there is a Part 2 to it because… where are the Limited Items?? (since the Christmas Event is still going on, the Limited Item stands are still there.. which means no new Limited Items? 😦 )


e3  You can blast fireworks only at the beach. Click on that stand, and you can buy fireworks for 20 Gold each. Buying a color of fire work does not mean it can be used forever. You can only use it once, if you buy one.

e4 [click on image to enlarge it]

This image shows you how to blast fireworks! its pretty simple. You can target other Fantagians, and maybe start a game of tag if you have a lot of Gold. *Other Fantagians CAN see your fireworks.*

Limited Items [?]


they haven’t updated it yet. I hope there are new items 😦

Free Glasses


Since its almost the new years, I would suggest wearing sparkly, flashy clothes to make is look like you’re really pumped up! 😀 a good accessory to wear are the “Sparklers”. (As you can see in the last picture).



“Drop the ball lol!”

Well that’s all for now! if anything changes, I’ll update this post. See you soon! 🙂

12 thoughts on “2015 New Years Event!

  1. How do you do that? At the beginning of the article, it says ‘Article by cloud82’ can you tell me how to do that little outline thing?

  2. Omg I didn’t go in last year during Christmas, and didn’t get the gift. Today I went on to the Spanish server and clicked on Santa in the cabin, and guess what I recived LAST YEARS gift! Lol

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