it is officially 2015.

its past 12:00 a.m. And me, having no life, am here sitting on the couch typing this up. (While listening to the chickens explode outside)

well i guess, happy new year?

tbh please don’t even get me started on New Year Resolutions.

its a complete joke ok?

like “oh I wanna get good grades and be healthy and try hard!!! Yes I WANT TO SUCCEED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVERR”


next day be like: *eats cookies* *plays Fantage* *looks at calender* ” WTH 2016 I WAS SO NOT READY.”

anyways, for all you normal people out there reading this, please, have a merry new year.

and for all you people reading this at 12 a.m., please. GO TO SLEEP.


no normal person should be spending time reading my blog at midnight

lmao byee ❤

be ready for another horritastic year!!

please bare with me children.

6 thoughts on “2015?!? No MOMMY IM NOT READY

  1. Happy New Year, to you all!
    My name is JJ, or GirlyJj.
    I am here to tell you about a new way that life just got easier for you!
    This year, my New Year’s resolution was to find a way to make life less confusing for the girls out there. (HEY GIRLS OUT THERE!). So, I made my blog: http://agirlyguide.wordpress.com/ (If you don’t mind me saying). I don’t play this “Fantage”, but it seems quite nice for me to try out! If you could help me with it, that would be pretty cool!
    I love your blog and I bet if I did play Fantage it would be helpful to me.
    Please take a stop by my site!
    Also ❤ your backgrounds and header tutorial, way to help me out! (I used the backgrounds BTW)
    Great site, and I hope to see you on "Fantage" as my tutor. XD


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