Please Read-Ceindrina

Hi Guys!

It’s been so long (what…2 months?)

A lot has happened lately and I’m becoming way more busy. I haven’t gone on fantage since last year. Since I realized I don’t go on it any more, I would just like to let everyone know that I have officially quit fantage. Yep, and this time, I won’t be coming back. My account will not be given away and I will keep it as a memory.

To Cloud: Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to be on this blog. You’re one of the best friends I have on fantage and you helped me a lot. I’ll miss you! If you want to remove me from your blog, you may. Although this is killing me, I really mean it. Forget about me will yah xD

To Selena: I’m so sorry for not posting on your blog 😦 I’m literally doing my homework tonight right now. But thank you for being so nice when I came back last march. You were the one who made my blogger experience possible (aside from cloud as well :D)

To all my fantage friends: Hey! Well here’s the reason why I’m no longer on… You guys have been amazing to me and I will definitely miss all of you. Thank you so much :’)

To those who watch my youtube videos: I have one more fmv that I will try to complete, but that’ll be the last fantage thing I will ever do. Reaching 200+ subs was a blast, and I am so sorry I never got to host the party I was planning last December…

The memories I’ve had on this pixel world was amazing. I couldn’t believe how awesome everyone can be and how nice they can be! Really, everyone is so nice. If it weren’t for you guys, I would have never been able to accomplish what I have right now. You guys are like the other part of my life. Virtual, but real. Pixel, but alive. I will sincerely miss all of you guys.

And btw, if you know anybody who knows me, tell them that I have officially quit. That’s it.

superheroes pic1 superheroes pic20 superheroes pic31 superheroes pic7 superheroes pic2 superheroes pic3 superheroes pic5 superheroes pic6

I have more ^.^ If you’re my buddy, go check my album 🙂

This experience was a blast, really. But sometimes, I would have to let go. This time, I’m sure of it.


I Just gave away some items…and i have no regrets:

-Stylish outfit

-Diamond Earrings

-Yellow Cat Ears

-Secretary Hair

-Geek Frames (Blue)

-and I think i will do more… I just need to keep them a little longer…

If you want anything from me, just ask. I’ll see if I can give it to you for free.



and Thank You, seriously.


48 thoughts on “Please Read-Ceindrina

  1. 😦 You’re leaving blogging also. 😥 We love you and we won’t forget bout you cause you’re the one of a kind like everyone else is. It must be really hard cause It would be for me. 😦 I don’t want you to leave at all. You’re such a good person/blogger/friend/pixel friend to everyone.

  2. What.
    Don’t leave us! I’ve read your posts and you are really cool! We weren’t close, I know, but I don’t want you to leave! 😥
    I will reblog in your honor! X(

  3. AHHHHHHHHH CEIN CEIN ill miss you so much!!! you are like one of my bestest best friends on Fantage ever… I don’t even remember how we met but we have come along way and have gotten to know eachother so much better! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE :(((( But I do understand that Fantage does get addicting and then it takes up a lot of time. 🙂 Let’s keep in touch kay? email me! ( ) Tell me when you get this and delete this comment

  4. could i have some of your stuff on fantage? my username is sarahfierce 🙂 I’m sad you’re leaving but i once took a break from fantage for about 2 or 3 years and i just came back in december. so some stuff would help me a lot 🙂 if you do end up giving me some stuff, thank you so much in advance! :))

  5. Reblogged this on the fantage saga and commented:

  6. 😦 I don’t really know you, but this post had an impact on me 😦 It’s really sad to see someone go ;:(
    Um.. I kind of want something from you, but I don’t have gold ;0;

  7. cein ily/ i understand that you’re gonna quit . but it makes me sad . i didnt get to know you very much . but i still love u asf . thanks for all the times you helped me transfer. aha/ ily man

  8. We’ll miss you so much Cindy! Have fun with life, and don’t be afraid to try new things! If you ever need us, we’ll be right here. I don’t want to sound sad, so I’ll keep this comment short! ❤
    PS I hope I don't sound rude, but if you have coined bubblegum, what may I offer for it?

  9. I understand you quit fantage. I quitted too, but I go on just for edits and checking out new things that’s all c: I hope you find a better thing to do c:

    Sent from Windows Mail

  10. i’ll miss you Cindy! do you have shaggy red or blonde hair? or peace out tee? that would be kewl if I got it! thx so much for ur awesome blogs!

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