I’m Back+Raffle!

Last Updated Jan 14th, 2014
Article written by cloud82

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Hey guys! its been a week since I made a legit post on this blog. If you didnt know, I was on vacation in Hawaii with my family! (I will expand more on this later omg… too much things to fit in a single post!) So yeah, I’m back and I’m now lying on the cold hard ground in misery once again.

Now, for the part you’ve been waiting for (and also probably the main reason why you are reading this post)…

From now on, I’ll be hosting mini raffles for every 3000 hits I get on this blog. (This will vary from raffles every 3-5 days.) since these raffles will occur often, the prizes wouldn’t be so spectacular. Also, each raffle will end in 24 hours, so be quick!

Today’s Raffle Prizes:

Prize A (for the people who have Gold)


Prize B 

1 simple chibi drawing

Prize C 

1 Blog header+10 Blog likes

How to Enter

Comment below, “joining” and your Fantage username to join.

Ends at…

9:00 A.M. FST (Fantage Standard Time). To see the FST, go to Pet Town and there will be a clock.

Good luck! I will choose 1 winner using a list randomizer. All entries have an equal chance of winning! 🙂

62 thoughts on “I’m Back+Raffle!

    1. 1. Go to idphone
      2. Go to apps
      3. Go to card album app
      4. Up in left hand corner there is a button called “play card quest”
      5. Click on it.
      6. Press single mode
      7. Press door
      8. Your done

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