Pinkstardust quits Fantage.

Yes, it is true. (This ain’t no gossip. This is coming from Pink herself).

Pinkstardust has decided to quit Fantage, but of course, it isn’t that simple, and it doesn’t end there.

Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and Pink wants to spend more time with her, just as her mom spent time with Pink when she had leukemia.

Please watch Cristina’s video for more information:

Tbh its actually really sad 😥

And all these years, after people bullied her, I actually for once feel bad for her.

Goodbye Pink, I hope your mom gets better.

xoxo cloud82

29 thoughts on “Pinkstardust quits Fantage.

  1. I never thought this day would come…….
    I never really liked her, but I feel sad because, we are losing, or lost, a special person on Fantage that most people look as a role model, and seeing her go after so long of playing really has an impact on us.
    I hope she comes back one day.. I know she will ;(
    Just saying…. I’m pretty sure someone will take her place as 1st….


  2. Reblogged this on ~Fantage Trees ~ and commented:
    1. i was toooo lazy and stuff
    2. this is really sad to hear
    3. all those haters on Pink should stop because if she didn’t have a heart, she would’ve never quit fantage and wouldn’t care about spending time with her mom (if that made sense)

  3. I always thought she was mean because of the rumors I’d heard… I never got to meet the REAL pinkstardust. I know she really is a nice person. I hope things get better for her…

  4. This, is just… WRONG. You’ve accomplished your goal on fantage, and now your mom has breast cancer. I REALLY hope your mom gets better, and that you can get back to your fans.

  5. 😦 She really is nice. Good bye and Good luck Pink! We will miss you ❤

  6. For those who were rude or mean to Pinkstardust, you need to understand she is kind and nice! I bet lots of people will miss her, and I hope so. Good luck, Pink! TnT


  7. Yes. I bet Extremely99 is going to be really upset. I know all those fantagians out there will truly miss her. I thought she would have endless membership tbh. I simply thought she would keep renewing her membership. It is sad to let her go 😦 But let her go, she knows what she is doing. Pink is definitely concerned about her mom. I was surprised when she told me:( Once again, all will miss Pink!

  8. I will certainly miss her! D: I am her #1 fan. I would do ANYTHING for her to come back on someday. Hope your mom gets better!
    GO TEAM PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 🙂

  9. This made me cry during the message. I’ve never actually met my real mom before, but I’ve talked to her. I actually have never really liked Pink, I heard she was mean and such, but then this changed my view. To anyone who is reading this: Wish Pink good luck.

  10. Aw pink, I wish you and your mom the best of luck for speedy recovery. you can do it, Aunt! Fight your way through and win this battle!!! :))

  11. This is really sad. Having gone through cancer, and then she has to deal with her mom’s cancer 😥 I saw her once on Fantage, but that was all. Wait, I’m confused though…. I know that she’s quitting Fantage, but why is she not on any of the Halls of Fame or any of the rank places…. After a long leave of absence, she, of course would not be 1st, but her high level would still earn her a spot in the 10 or at least top 50. So why isn’t she in the Hall of Fame or top 50. Whyyyy?? Can anyone clarify this for me?

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