This week’s Fantagian! pandadomo

Jan 21 2015

Post by Cloud82


About Panda:

Fav book: No fav book

Fav sport: Basketball

Fav food: Pizza, boba, Swedish fish (Sour patch kids)

Fav song: I need you right now (Bethany Mota), and Trampoline (Kalin and Myles) .

If you want to be featured on the blog next week, comment below your Fantage Username, Fav book, sport, food and song! (first person to comment will be Fantagian on the week). I will also need to find a time to meet up with you so I can take a picture 🙂

Also, be prepared for another mini raffle coming up soon!

11 thoughts on “This week’s Fantagian! pandadomo

  1. nell172
    book: looking for alaska by john green
    sport: soccer
    food: pizza and pancakes and spaghetti
    song: fool’s gold by one direction and end up here by 5SOS

  2. treetree_
    book: The Last Olypian (Is that how you spell it)
    sport: dance and volleyball
    food: i don’t have one….. I LUV ALL KIND FOOD I EAT
    song: We are monster high and Me and my broken heart (NIGHTCORE)

  3. smileyselena100
    Book: A Mango Shaped space by Wendy Mass ( SO SO SO SOOOOOOOO AMAZING, a book just right for you cloud82)
    Sport: I am a wimpy little twig, I can not play any sports. If I had to choose, I would choose volleyball.
    Food: Sushi.
    Song: ANGEL WITH A SHOT GUN. and… One step at a time. ( So good, so so good)

    1. Sorry, I didn’t copy you. I had this in 2012.. So you copied me?? (But honestly it’s an extremely general idea that anyone can think of).

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