Welcome to Fantagian.com!

Jan 21 2015

Post by cloud82

Fantagian.com is a blog completely based off my original blog, fantagespy.wordpress.com. On this new blog, I will continue to do what I have always been doing on Fantagespy.wordpress.com. I have been getting many comments of people “missing Fantage Spy”, but I’m not deleting the blog. I am simply transferring it to a different site address! (fantagian.com instead of fantagespy.wordpress.com)

Now that I got that out of the way, I hope you enjoy a fresh start 🙂 and yes, I did lose all 550+ followers.. but I’m hoping I can regain most of them again! so please, subscribe/follow.

You might see a bit of change on this new blog. I’ll try making better posts, pages, and I’ll update things more often! it will be better than Fantage Spy! are you excited? I am!! 😀

Oh and Minitricia is still an author on this blog 🙂




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