24 hour Mini Raffle Winner!

Thank you for all 23 people who joined!

Here is the winner:


Congrats to Lavender9897! you won the 24 hours Mini Giveaway. (Runner up, Princess3672). Like the name of this giveaway, you must claim your prize within 24 hours or else it will go down to the next person. To claim your prize, please comment your Fantage username, and a time we can meet up. (Or Email me at fantagespy@live.com).


Thanks for everyone else who joined! better luck next time 😀

20 thoughts on “24 hour Mini Raffle Winner!

  1. Oops, I entered twice. I’m sorry. I commented the first time, but you didn’t reply so I thought I wasn’t entered so I commented again! Sorry…

  2. For your MyMall tips, can you do a post about how to save up gold to buy something you really want that’s really expensive? For example, I really want to save up to buy the CC hair, but I always end up spending my gold on something else and end up back where I started. The most I can get is 21,000 gold.

    1. You can spend your Gold on other things after you reach your goal! (unless what you see is more important than cc hair)

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