Black Leather Jacket | Le Shope Finds

January 28 2015

Post by cloud82

item I’m pretty sure we have this in our inventory.. its an item that some newbie’s get for free! which is part of the reason why “higher classes” Fantagian’s wouldn’t wear this. I admit, I don’t wear this item too often, but my main reason is because I never thought of a way to style it.

Now, lets get all your knowledge of “popular” items tucked away for now. Just think, what if this was a PM item, or a Limited item, or even a FGC item?? now would you wear it?

Here are some outfit ideas:

g [click to enlarge]


-Casual item=goes with practically anything

-Avoid adding more colors. (the striped top is already enough!)

-Fancy? casual? go for it!

Send me your pictures 🙂

-Take a picture of you wearing the Black Leather Jacket in your own style! I’ll pick my favorites and post them in the next fashion post 🙂


8 thoughts on “Black Leather Jacket | Le Shope Finds

  1. I agree about the popular items thing because some people think that they shouldn’t wear an item just because it’s not popular. 😦

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