New Friendship Bracelets!

Jan 29 2015

Post by cloud82

i1 i2

If you read the description for each bracelet, it says “a wonderful daisy bracelet..”. for ALL of them.. and if you look here:


yep. Same description.. (were they that lazy to change it? or did they just forget..) but even if they did forget, they should always double check before uploading it to Fantage! millions of people play Fantage daily- so these kinds of mistakes shouldn’t be happening.

Anyways. When you click on the Moodie, it will show you what it looks like when you stand together with your buddy!

i5 i6 i7


The price is 100 eCoins more.. so if you’re as cheap as Mr. Krabs, I suggest you buy the older ones. (haha jk)

Leave a comment below on what you think of these new ones! to me, I think the ‘hearts’ one is too faded. I can barely see it! my favorite one are the cupcakes :3

6 thoughts on “New Friendship Bracelets!

  1. I like them all but I do agree that the hearts are to faded. Also the snowflakes are different I guess but I don’t find it that well dun there’s just something there putting me off. I do agree that the cupcakes are the best 😉

    Also I think your right Fantage shouldn’t be making mistakes like that and they shouldn’t be lazy. That’s how they lose rankings and players. They have already dramatically went down if you notice, in 2009 there use to be at least 2 pages of servers and now there’s sometimes barley half a page of servers.

    1. Agreed! and yeah, I guess they’re losing money too since it seems as if they can’t afford too many servers haha

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