2 letter Username found on Fantage!

Jan 30 2015

post by cloud82

we all know about the 3 letter username cheat… Well today I found someone with a 2 letter user!!! Take a look!




Based on the items she was selling, I know she used a Fantage app to create the username (because you get that Red Board for free).

But the thing is, I tried all the Fantage apps to create a 2 lettered username, but it wouldn’t work.. Hmmm… Could this be an admin trolling us??

Well, if you guys find more news on this, leave a comment below! 😀

4 thoughts on “2 letter Username found on Fantage!

  1. That’s really weird. Maybe it is an admin but I would think he or she would have better iteams to give know? Also I created an account using fish fish app and there was one for the red board so yes they probably did use the app if it is not an admin.

    1. Download a Fantage app that allows you to register for a new account. Then create a new Fantage account with a 3 letter user.

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