Civic_princess is on Fantage! If you didn’t know, she was the first person to reach level 1000 on Fantage. She was. Also a Fantage celeb back in the old days… I remember  since I started Fantage in 2009 xD

her level isn’t the highest now, but she hasn’t been forgotten. A legend is a legend, no matter how old 😉

here are some pictures of the madness!image image

And it’s funny how there are these people who are like “GIVE HER SOME SPACE” And they’re literally right beside them xD I find that funny.

also she added a whole bunch of people!!

she also said she MIGHT be coming back. So excited!



14 thoughts on “Civic_princess!

  1. once i was meeting with a fb fantage friend and we saw her. (It was only us and her in a small server) we said “oh it’s civic princess hi” then she said something which i think was an abbreviation for a swear. She said “stupid mf” and left. Maybe she was having a bad day or somethin’ we were’t crowding her or anything it was only the 3 of us.

  2. i met her and talked to her.. but she dont have a LOT high level and not A LOT popular stuff like bb,cc,friskey,cloe,msh or any fmgc.. she only have like intreguiting hair or delicate brown hair, and no beta stuff.. ………… e ei

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