Extreme Bingo (LOL)

Feb 2 2015

Post by cloud82

I’m sorry, but- the name of this new update is just too much for me.


Damn Fantage, dayum. You just took Bingo to the next level.

(Bingo for the mentally challenged LOL)

LOL1<You can find this on the top right corner of your screen


Click Start!


So this is your grid. (Those pastel colors though..)

I personally think the prizes aren’t really worth what you have to complete. Like, you can easily get a Ruby/Sapphire from playing Magic Pop, Bubble Bug etc. (And you only need to play once to get a gem).

Overall, I think the new Bingo is a good way to get Fantagian’s using the farm.

But the name?? really reminds me of a hardcore granny wearing a leather jacket while playing bingo HAHAH

bye 🙂


13 thoughts on “Extreme Bingo (LOL)

  1. It appears that you have made a mistake. “Top 50 finishers get a Bingo medal!” means exactly as it is. It shows up to 100, but the first 50 of them will get a medal.

    However, if it was just “Top 50 finishers!” then it WOULD be a mistake. Since it didn’t say that, it’s not.

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