Chocolate Factory Event 2014 (Locations included)

Feb 5 2015

Post by cloud82

I think this event is covering the yearly valentines day event. (Which is fine, since some people don’t celebrate valentines day). Here is the info banner:



So there are 2 teams: Mint+Strawberry. (Mint is winning so far)

How to create chocolates:

-Buy limited items (The more you buy, the higher chance of getting Cocoa)

-Wear the limited item to scavenge for gift boxes

-collect ingredients from the gift boxes to create chocolate

-redeem chocolates for prizes! (you need to make a lot of chocolates though!)



(click to enlarge image)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE PRIZES!! and if you see, THERE IS A FANTAGE GAME CARD (FGC) BOARD, which is worth over 100,000 Gold in MyMall. (Not a lie!) but besides that board, I really like the prizes 🙂 most of them are a compilation of previous event prizes (but I’m okay with that since they are all really nice).

The ice creams though.

Picking your prize

There are some catches to this.. I have tried picking a prize, but when I went to check my inventory, Fantage gave me a different prize. So be aware!

Also, you need to know that the only time you can pick your prize is after your team wins.

Give your friends furniture gifts! 

The “gift” icon is back again!


Click the “GIFT” icon to send your friends a gift:


All gifts are 450 eCoins/Stars. What I like about this, is that non members can buy a gift with Stars too! (my precious eCoins are saved *^*)

Here is what the furniture look like:

f1 f2

(these are also archived furniture)


Ingredient locations 

Downtown: 1 outside of Q-Blast building (left), 2 inside Star Cafe, 1 inside Le Shope (left on clothing rack),  1 outside of Stellars Salon (left), 2 inside Stellars Salon (on table [left], and on the floor [right]), 1 outside of Top Models (right).

Uptown: 1 outside of PM boutique, 1 outside of MyMall (near mission center elevator), 2 inside Furniture Shop (on the purple bed [left], and on the basketball net [right]), 1 outside of furniture shop (left), 1 inside PM Boutique (on shelf [right]), 1 outside of Jesters Costume shop (on the building [left]), 1 inside Jesters Costume shop (in right corner), 1 beside the INFO stand (left), 2 inside board shop (beside door [right], on counter [left]), 1 outside of Hall of Fame (near fountains),

Beach: 2 (one on lighthouse sign, the other across from it. You will see them right when you enter the Beach), 1 on Sea Breeze ship (left), 1 on life guard hut, 1 inside the Palm Dance Club (on stage [left]), 2 outside of Sunblock (left and right), 1 on Pet Treats sign outside of Sunblock, 2 outside of light house (left and right)

Fantage School: 1 outside of Club House (left)

Forest: 1 on Secret Adventure tree (top right), 1 beside Lucky Bot (left), 1 outside of Lucky Bobs (on the window), 1 beside pond (near creature arena [left of pond])

Castle: 2 outside of castle (left and right), 4 inside castle (1 very left, 1 on stairs, 1 on table 1 very right)

Pet Town: 4 in Pet Town (1 on very right beside Pet Games, 1 on top of Pet Academy, 1 on newspaper stack outside of Pet Shop, 1 near pond on very left)

Carnival: 2 at Carnival (1 on top of Card Quest sign, 1 on very right)

Mt. Fantage: 2 outside of COMET (1 left and 1 near entrance ), 1 near fire place, 1 behind the red lift chairs

(this took a while. SO THANK ME OKAY LOL)

Limited Items



(click image to enlarge)



(click image to enlarge)

and again, THE DRESS IS SO PRETTY! (haha boys be offended and say “ITS A ROBE. A ROBE!!!”)

*All items are for Premium Members*


If you have the unicorn board (that allows you to move really fast, you should use it!)

good idea1 good idea2 ya

These boards will make you move really fast, and finding the gifts will be a breeze! (literally.)


I like this event, and the fact that ANYONE can participate and earn prizes! (better than those events where you have to buy an expensive costume thats usually for members only)…

Comment below anything that I missed, or your thoughts 🙂




40 thoughts on “Chocolate Factory Event 2014 (Locations included)

  1. I agree with you. The prizes are just amazing!!!!!!!!!
    Especially the fgc board, but what i’m kinda worried about is that it ight not be as popular and worth less

    1. In order to get a prize, you need be on the winning team. (So you’ll get the prize the next day, if you made at least 1 chocolate)

      1. Thanks 🙂 Did mint win yesterday? xD I have so many accounts that I forgot to start it on my main account and shes for mint also thanks for the list of places I found two in le shop just saying not one and could I use the list for my blog? Its ok if no 🙂

  2. Oh, and, I made a lot of chocolates yesterday, but when I logged in today, it says I haven’t made any. The ingredients left over stayed but not the actual things I made. I’m on the same team as yesterday.

  3. I was on the Mint team and I claimed my prize. It said it was in my inventory but it’s not there! It was the FGC board. 😦

    1. I got the FGC board. When I get gold in 2 weeks I am planning on selling the board when the event is over. ( It will be worth more then ) I wonder how much I should sell it for though., after this event.

  4. You forgot two though… In the forest if you go into Oreon’s gem place thing, there are two in there. 😉
    There is also one on top of the Oreon Gem place thing :’)

  5. Maybe that fcg board is a glitch..Especially coming from fantage. They won’t give away something worth 100,000 gold for free, they’d make you pay cold, hard cash.

  6. On my PC if I use Internet Explorer I do not get my prize when I win, but if I switch to Chrome I get it, even on the same day. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this yesterday so I will never get the first prize I earned 😦 I wish they gave you the name of the prize when you move your mouse over it since I can’t tell what some are!

    Each day your total chocolates for the day will start over at zero. Also you can earn multiple medals as you make more chocolates. So even if you don’t get your prizes or aren’t on the winning team, at least you can level up!

  7. Does anyone know where to find a full list of the prizes? If you own any of the items that aren’t listed below, please check your inventory and let us know the proper name of the item and what kind of an item it is… or if you get to check through the trendster or collection items and figure out what month they were released, please add that info! I’m not premium so I can’t remember if you can sort by color in the VIP area of the fashion contest building?

    Working from what I already owned or picked so far… and the newly listed collection items:
    Left to Right, Top to Bottom, [T]= trendster, ltd = Limited, lx = Luxury, {R} = Rare, I’m not sure if you’ll get the Limited, Luxury, etc icon if you get them through the prizes?

    Row 1: 1=??? 2=??? 3= Pink Bow Tie Dress (outfit) 4=??? 5= Sweet Basket (body acc 2/15)

    Row 2: 1= Red Ruby Necklace (body acc 2/15) 2= Rose (face acc 2/15) 3= Heart Tee (top 2/13) 4= Heart Tee (top 2/13) 5= Banana (costume 2/11)

    Row 3: 1=Plain (costume 2/11) 2= Mint (costume 2/11) 3=Strawberry (costume 2/11) 4= Heart Bracelet (body acc 2/12) 5= V-Day Card (body acc 2/12)

    Row 4: 1= Girls’ Valentine’s Day (top 2/9) 2= Heart Tee (2/12) 3= Cotton Candy (body acc, ltd [T]) 4=??? 5= Sparkler ? {R54 } or Pink Sparkler ltd [T]? (body acc)

    Row 5: 1= Pink Glasses 2= Mothers Day Shirt (bad name? body acc) 3=??? 4= Chocolate Candy Board (board 2/10) 5=??? (board)

    Row 6: 1=??? (board) 2= Pixie Board (lx [T] pet locked board) 3=Star Platform Board (board) 4=Star Board (board) 5= Purple Pumpkin (board)

    Row 7: 1=Bobo Board (lx [T] pet locked board) 2= Mini Car (board)

  8. What fantage game card board?? I know this might be a really noob like question, but where is the fgc board in the prizes section??

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