R.I.P. To all Star Platform Board owners (who had the board before the event).

This board used to have a value of 100,000 Gold (and now if you search it up at MyMall, people are selling it for as low as 5,000 Gold…)



So R.I.P. to the people who spent real money on this board.

Honestly I don’t know why they used a Fantage Game Card item as a FREE prize. To us Fantagian’s, it seems like they’ll do it more often (and now we’re just waiting for Movie Star Hair to become a free prize).




I would buy tickets to a Justin Bieber concert and maybe I’ll just have my funeral there.




17 thoughts on “R.I.P.

  1. Well, keep your platform board bc soon it’s going to be harder and harder to get. Like blonde bb was sold in vintage, it was so easy to get and like 28 people were selling in, but now there are like 3 or 8 or something people selling. IT has lost it’s value, but in the future it will be worth more.

    1. But there are A LOT of people with this board since its actually really easy to get. Blonde bb was actually hard to get since it was 50,000 ecoins!

      1. I think that once everyone that is selling it cheap has no board anymore and the event is over people are gonna be like “since I bought this fot cheap and not a lot of people have it anymore I am going to sell it for 100k gold”

  2. I would be happy if they gave MSH for free, but then I would also think “Man, I remember the good old days in Fantage” and “I feel bad for the people who have MSH…”

  3. and few years from now the board will become rare.
    and someone will say “u are lucky if u win this board from event”
    im pretty sure e.e

    one more thing
    if fantage make popular items as event prizes i’ll probably to the same thing as u -,-

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