Giving back to my viewers- Day 1

Feb 9 2015

Post by cloud82

Audrocks17– Congrats, you got Peace Out Tee+1500 Gold (You did not have enough Gold for 3 Mystery tops, so I gave you one top and 1500 Gold! 😀 I sold the Blue Cloth from Captain Cody to get you the Gold. )


Candycane266– Congrats, you got Flowing Blonde hair, Dark Spring Hair (You did not have enough Gold for 3 Mystery hairs, so I gave you 2 🙂 )




Destinyswriter– Congrats, you got 2000 Gold! (I sold your Green Daily Spin hair so that I could give you the Gold)


haily9899– Congrats, you got Prom Hair and Gingersnap hair! (I hope you dont mind, but I dressed you up for 2 outfit ideas :D)

hairs1 ootd ootd1

Xtehe– yay, you just got 3000 Gold! I logged into your account and good thing I logged on today, because you got a 1 day MyMall permission! (you had 0 Gold before, so congrats! happy shopping 🙂 btw, I sold a daily spin item)



Minime0000– Congrats, you got Elegant Flower hair and Pink kitty ears! (and I hope you dont mind, but I dressed up to make some cute outfits with the new items you got)

1 2 1 2



Namidairo– Congrats, you got Flowing Blonde V-Day hair and heart shirt! (I created a cute outfit.. hope you dont mind 😛 )

1 2yay

boogie630– congrats, you got 3000 Gold! (I sold your Daily Spin Board)


 diamond_candy82– congrats! you got Adorable Summer hair and Green Sparklers! (the hair is so cute <3)

yayy yay1

There’s still around 10 more people I need to give their gifts to… please wait, because I ran out of Gold and good items 😦 but on the bright side, I bet I made a lot of people happy, so that’s awesome!

And I got a lot of comments saying this was a scam, but its not. Please note that if you do not have Gold/MyMall permission, I cannot give you your prize. So don’t worry 😛 I didn’t even log into most of your accounts because in your form, it said you did not have Gold/MyMall permission.

I hope everyone who got a prize is following my blog. I would appreciate that 😀 and comment below for more!


10 thoughts on “Giving back to my viewers- Day 1

  1. I was wondering, if my account qualifies for the gold gift, after it gets un banned. I sent a form in. I don’t have a minimum of 1,500 gold, but I have enough to buy a permission. 🙂

  2. I can’t find the form; is it too late to send one in? I found my subscription email a day late and when I clicked the post it said it didn’t exist anymore…

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