Now Hiring!

Hey Fantagian’s! good news 🙂 is now hiring workers! I am looking for around 1-3 more people who are enthusiastic about Fantage.

Requirements: (copy and paste and answer ALL questions)

  • Must have a Fantage account
  • Must understand how to play Fantage. (I prefer people who have been playing for more than 1-2 years)
  • I prefer people over 12 years of age
  • Have one or more of the following skills: fashion, editing, writing, humour, intelligence, good grammar
  • Are you enthusiastic about Fantage? (are you a hater? a fan? or just a player? tell me about yourself on Fantage!)
  • Whats your favorite games on Fantage?
  • Have you completed all the Fantage missions?
  • Have you played all of the games on Fantage? (yes-no-almost all)
  • Do you have a “whun” on Fantage?
  • Can you post at least once or twice a week?
  • Show me 3 pictures of you on Fantage wearing your favorite outfits
  • Would you say you are a computer whiz? (you can catch onto things easily)
  • Do you know any tips/tricks/cheats on Fantage?
  • Would you say you are responsible?
  • What are your opinions on Fantage?
  • Do you have MyMall permission or Gold?
  • Do you have Fantage Instagram, or Facebook? is so, what is it?
  • Why do you enjoy reading this blog?

Email me and title your Email “HIRE ME- [your Fantage username]

If you do not have Email, please comment below the form.

Good luck to everyone!

16 thoughts on “Now Hiring!

  1. I am magicalsapphire.
    I have been playing fantage for almost three years.
    I am eleven years old.
    I am smart and I have good grammar.
    I am kind and social.
    The arcade games.
    Almost all of them.
    I do not.
    Yes I have lots of free time.
    Sorry I can’t do that.
    Sometimes sometimes not.
    Yes I know some.
    Yes I am.
    I think it can be fun, but it can be boring.
    I have gold.
    My parents do not think I am old enough to have one.
    I like it because it is just fun to read.

  2. Hey Cloud, I love to read your blog and i do see you on fantage. You have a great personality. I read your blog but don’t comment much. LOOOL! okay i will do an application now! xD
    1:Yes i have a fantage account its iisuperwomenii8
    2:I have been playing for almost 4 years
    3:i am 14 years old
    4:i love writing, editing and intelligence. I am not that good in grammar but i always re-check my work before I submit anything
    5:I love fantage a lot, I am addicted if i should say. I use to be very shy but fantage changed me, my life.
    6:My favorite games are the following: Qblast, Fashion Show, Fish Fish and Splash
    7:No, I havent completed all the fantage missions but i did a few.
    8:Almost all
    9:No, I don’t have a whun and i prefer to not either.
    10:I can actually post 5-8 times a week.
    11:How do I show pictures?
    12:Yes, I am a computer whiz
    13:Yes i know tricks but i think there all the basic ones
    14:I say I am responsible because I always do what I am asked to do.
    15:Yes I currently have permission and 11592 gold
    16:No, I don’t “Fantage” social media
    17:Like i said before, I love to read this blog, its amazing just like you

    Reply back xoxo-iisuperwomenii8

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