Valentines Day Event

This event is hosted by Q-Blast! here is some information…


What’s New?

-Chocolate Fountain at the forest

-New Limited Items

-Get prizes from playing Q-Blast (Bakery theme only)

-New game: Cupcake chaos

Chocolate Fountain

ev2 ev3


ev5 ev6 ev7 ev8 ev9

werk that chocolate werk werk

New Limited Items

ev10 ev11


The board is my favorite. The hair is pretty, but it kind of looks like you have a pile of overgrown vines sitting on your head 😀

hair hair1 hair2 hair3 hair4 and is it just me… or does that dress make your hips look really big?? LOL

werkcome to mama >:3

Also, the flower board on the right is supposed to be for nons, but when I tried to buy it, it says you need to be a PM so…

Prizes from Q-Blast

They say you get “prizes”.. and you do, but they aren’t the kind of prizes you think. You can get: Ingredients to make chocolate, 10 Stars, or 10 eCoins. (tbh playing a round of Q-Blast is like 2 minutes… in 2 minutes, you can play the cupcake chaos game and earn around 80 Stars. But I must admit, Q-Blast is pretty fun :D)

Cupcake Chaos [A video of me playing this game will be posted later]

You got 60 seconds to make cupcakes.


Tip: make cupcakes in chronological order. Always start making cupcakes for the person on the very right, and go on like that. When more people appear, stick with your order. (They only stay for a certain amount of time and then they disappear.)




2 thoughts on “Valentines Day Event

  1. omg
    im SAO just..just…MAD!
    ive been wanting those boards for months bcuz they worth a lot in fashion show and fashion battle and it was released when i was busy with homework and didnt have time to play?!?!?!?!?!it was a sad time bcuz I HEART FANTAGE SAOOOO MUCH!!!!!

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