ootd Me and kitty doing an OOTD! we tried dressing realistic (like stuff you would wear in real life).

Who’s outfit do you like the most? comment below :3

My favorite piece of my outfit are my shoes 🙂 I told my friend that they were limited and she fell for it! (that’s how nice they look). But guess what- they are actually from Le Shope!

1 I prefer the Red ones.


*cough* #sometimesilikefantagelol


11 22 33


1. color cutie 2. sweetie 3. trendy

if you buy these shoes, show me a picture of how you would style it! ! :

13 thoughts on “#ootd

  1. Hi Cloud,
    I like the styles you made with kitty, especially the sweetie one! 😀
    I love was wondering, if you could create a few cute outfits for my fantagian? If not, then its fine. 😛 It’s just that I usually wear costumes, so I never really know what top to match with what bottom on my fantage. If you want to know the username and pass, I can email you.

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