Its (almost) Spring!

Hey guys! its almost Spring where I live, so to start off the season, I updated the Header and Background of my blog 😀

It’s a bit girly, but I’m pretty sure boys don’t read my blog… right..?

Anyways, for all you other Fantage bloggers out there, here are some cute Spring photo’s/wallpaper:

come closer | via Tumblr

Spring ♡♥♡




cute spring outfit ideas:

s1 s2 s3 s5 s6 s7 s8 s9

s10 <this is my favorite :3

dont forget to be colorful 😀 add some flowers too!



15 thoughts on “Its (almost) Spring!

    1. Sorr, but cloud82 does not understand your Fairly Odd Parents Reference. Please try again, or call 1-800-cloud-is-dumb.

  1. Hey where did you get that bouquet of flowers on pic 7?
    And do you know anyways of getting gold with out paying money for it?

    1. Also you can get free MyMall permission from the daily attendance, which you can then set up a kiosk and sell items for Gold.

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