QBLAST- How to get revived!

Hey guys! for everyone who plays Q-Blast on Fantage, here is a great tip!

Did you know? you can help save a team mates life by simply…


seems harsh >.>

but you get to save their life soo 🙂

if you see someone on your team who got killed, simply tag them! (aka run over them). By doing this, they’ll get to live on, and play on! (sounds cheesy, I know.)

Don’t believe me, JUST WATCH! (hehe)



When you see green lights around the player, it means that you have successfully revived them!

but beware…

people are watching! opponents will usually come and drop bombs all over the person you just revived 😦

Anyways, if you know any other Q-Blast tips, comment below or Email me at fantagespy@live.com! your tips could be featured in my next post.


13 thoughts on “QBLAST- How to get revived!

  1. :O I never knew you could do that! We’re u allowed to do that ever since the release of the game? I’ve been missing out on so much

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