What has it all come to?!

What has Fantage come to???

1. Whuns

2. Items/Gold (MyMall)

Honestly. Collecting items and having a whun isn’t a bad thing. But when it starts to take over your bucket list and game experience, then it’s a problem.

I mean yeah, Fantage is a game for everyone and you can do whatever you want with it, but the fact that all you want are material items and a relationship can be bad.

People are starting to create accounts where their real identity can be hidden so they can go around scamming people at MyMall. The cause? their want/greed for more items. Like honestly, you’ve just gone way too far.

Collecting items on Fantage is just a way to express yourself; and eventually when you’ve gotten every item you wanted, you’ll realize how boring the game is, and how MyMall was all you ever liked about Fantage.

Now lets talk about “whuns”. First let me say, I am not against it. Its fine having a whun on Fantage since whatever you do kinda stays in the game (for the most part).

But what I don’t like is when people obliviously ask people out just because of their looks, or the fact that they’re really thirsty for a whun.

Oh and I think “Find the whun” should be replaced with “Find your potential whun”. Like you don’t just go to someone’s house, find a cute guy/girl, and ask them out to be your whun. Like what do you even know about them?? for all you know they could be 5 year olds!

Spread the word about “Find your potential whun”. This way, you can first get to know the person before asking them. If you host a “Find your potential whun”, or see anyone hosting one, take a picture and post it on social media with the hashtag #potentialwhun. Spread the word!!! 🙂 

(Comment if you actually read the whole post LOL)





14 thoughts on “What has it all come to?!

  1. I totally agree with this post, the MyMall item especially . It feels like for some people, Fantage is just about getting as many popular items as possible, and even being desperate enough to scam to get them.

  2. Love the idea! Though u might wanna edit the part when u introduced find ur potential whun as “fine ur potential whun.”

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