Recoining is gone: GOSSIP FEATURING FROSTLY246

Yeah I know this isn’t new news, but I just thought I would post about it anyways. So Fantage recently decided to remove the “recoining” option. But its funny how they did it all of a sudden right? because I’m sure that they are well aware that many (if not most) non members use this function to have a business at MyMall.

I thought this “recoining” option was a great way for Fantagian’s to get some understanding of business. Recoining was like buying stocks from a supplier, and selling them at your kiosk was just like having you own business; and you learn how to gain profits from taxes!

Anyways, you wanna know why Fantage removed this option?

gossip feat. frostly246

A high leveled Fantagian named “frostly246” Emailed Fantage regarding an issue on how the Santa Hat hairs were losing value due to Fantagian’s abusing the “recoining” option (thus increasing the amount of Santa Hat hairs, and decreasing the value).

He posted about this on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and explains how he did not want the recoining option to be removed, and that he simply wanted some action taken towards the Santa Hat hairs.

This is what he said on Instagram:

“Honestly, all you need to do is literally calm down, okay? I had no intention of removing the ecoin feature, all I wanted was for this specific feature to be removed for the 2008 black santa hat ONLY. This is because many people were coining it un controllably and selling it. And that wasn’t cool with me, not with a rare item like that. I wanted the feature to remain for the rest of the items, as many people use it. I am sad it is gone, believe me, I benefited from it too. But don’t hate on a story you don’t know about. And don’t jump to conclusions saying I’m the reason for it. Because guess what I’m not. Again I am as mad as you, because 1 not only did they not listen to me, and 2 they also removed the feature as a whole.”-Frostly246

This post (along with his Facebook post) got many angry comments. It seems as if everyone on Fantage is hating on him now!

comment below your opinions!



47 thoughts on “Recoining is gone: GOSSIP FEATURING FROSTLY246

  1. I kinda hope Fantage brings back recoining, not only for MyMall, but for members who’s membership expired also. Been having trouble making a profit lately though… 😦

    1. Yeah, same 😦 I hate how the value of items are starting to go up again. If Fantage doesn’t bring back recoining, then the value of bb hair is going to be worth like 300k again! (it was worth 300k in tns)

    2. Mhmm… now most Fantage features require membership and gold. Fantage isn’t much fun now… I wish that Vintage never left… the PM boutique is only for members and for the non-members don’t get to choose items there either. Plus, the gold cost actual money and can’t be earned in-game. It’s so sad how most fun games become money-spender games were you spend hundred buying pixelated things and items. Fantage used to be so fun…

  2. Honestly I have no right to say this sense I do not have any member items to recoin because I was never a member but I do believe all of it was just a simple mistake. I don’t think it fare how everyone is hating on him and he even tried to fix it. Maybe Fantage will bring back this option and if they don’t then I’mm afraid people will keep bulling him for a mistake he never meant to make.

  3. Interesting. Thanks cloud, I didn’t know that.

    Really, frostly really doesn’t seem to be at fault for this. He specifically requested for it to be removed for only the Santa Hat…

  4. To be honest, I don’t think it was just his fault that Fantage has removed the re-coining option.
    I’m sure Fantage had this idea and was thinking about it from the start, they were losing profit, and non-members were graining much more advantages than members, (which I know is absolutely not fair). I don’t think anyone really complained about this to Fantage, but when he posted about rares losing value, this triggered Fantage’s action.
    ;w; idk just hope that they bring back re-coining so that I can make gold again//weeps.

  5. o_e *sigh* i know that my comments always gets to be stupid but,im guessing that ecoins will be useless as stars,and then fantage will remove stars and ecoins because they listened to what frostly246 said,and then all we will spent virtual money on fantage is gold.

    P.S. i did a post of that we cant recoin anymore with a pic,and i posted links (also credited them),even frostly’s gossip,and then it didnt even club house,how sweet of you,club house, 😦
    P.S.S idk whether to blame frostly or not,since fantage listened… .-.

  6. *sigh* i know my comments always gets to be stupid,but i’ll just say this,ok?anyways..
    im guessing that ecoins will be useless as soon as stars,then,since fantagians like us will be blaming,fantage will remove stars and ecoins and keeps gold.

    P.S. i posted a pic of that we cant recoin anymore,and putted links on the comments as well as frostly’s comment and others,but sadly it didnt even showed,how sweet of you club house,how sweet of you. 😦

    P.S.S idk whether to blame frostly or not,since fantage listened to him. :L

  7. It’s not like I hate or dislike this guy, but why would he even care and bring it up anyways? I don’t think he should have asked Fantage to take away the recoining of ONLY the Santa Hair’s in the first place. It would be just dumb for no recoinging of only ONE item in Fantage and that wouldn’t be possible unless everything else was non-recoinable as well.
    Now things in MyMall are very expensive and just not worth it anymore.:(

    1. yeah, the value of items are going to be the same as they were in Trade N Sell (if you remember, bb hair was worth 300k)

      1. I agree, it’s kind of selfish if you just want one item to not be able to get recoined and pointless. Everything is just a big mess in Fantage and people are complaining a lot! I wonder if fantage will bring back the feature if they get to many e-mails complaining…

  8. I know that is just stupid. Young people are layering business skills (tax, profits) it’s like stock (as you said ). Who carres if stuff looses value ITS JUST A GAME!!!! Besides it happens all the time
    Right guys???

  9. I personally agree with not being able to coin everything. It’s not an advantage. If everything is coined there is no reason to become a member. How does that help with buying memberships. I think everyone should lay off Frostly mostly because both him and I are long time players and we truly enjoyed Fantage prior to TNS. I personally think everyone should forget about the MALL or Items and just play which is what Fantage was about to begin with. It’s ridiculous that way you all sit in the Mall trading items back and forth. Do you not all have what you need already. Congratz to Frostly for getting recoining taken away.

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinions! I agree that we shouldn’t always be sitting around at MyMall too 😀 its not healthy.

  10. I really feel like Fantage should bring this back! I bought a couple items coined. Frostly shouldn’t have done that (he probably just did that to get attention) but I don’t think people should bully him! No one knew this was coming or why it was but Fantage never listens to anyone why would they suddenly listen to him?

    1. First of all FROSTLY didn’t do anything. He wrote a letter. So did I and I got it entirely removed so if your gonna bully someone bully the right person plz.

  11. We should all one day contact Fantage about bringing recoining back because now items in Mymall are very very pricey. Like all i wanted to get was a galaxy board and it costs about 18000 and higher just to get it. And that item isnt tht popular! Now imagine how much the frisky hair or cool cat hair will cost?!

  12. I really want my things back :c WE NEED RECOINING BACK I lost all my member items and now I just keep on cliking on them like I can wear them :c

  13. i am going to write a very very angry email to Fantage and if they don’t reply, i may as well start a protest. i really wanted to recoin this cute bikini i bought with stars back when it was free membership month, but when i tried to recoin it, the.option was gone! 😦 😦

  14. I know this is late, but it’s still not fair for him to say that. He only cares about the value, not how the item looks like. Honestly recoining was the best thing in Fantage, and he kinda took it away. ;-;

  15. I don’t think we should have the recoining item back
    because the more of santa hats there is the item is loosing
    value and in about some months the hair will be useless and ‘overused’

    famous items will soon loose it’s value because of this 😛

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