Which social media for Fantage is good for you?

Currently I have Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress for Fantage. If you are planning on making an account on one of those, read below to see which one suits you the most!

 Instagram: This one is my favorite since I am an item collector (and I use MyMall a lot). Finstagram (Fantage Instagram) is a great place to meet new people and have fun! its targeted for people with lots of Gold and valuable items because there are always giveaways, and people always ask for trading tips. I think Finstagram is appropriate for 10-18 year olds as some parts of the Finstagram community may be innapropriate. People on Finstagram also like to post edits! follow me @ughfantage

 Facebook: This is my least favourite form of Fantage Social Media. The only reason why I have one is to update people about new posts on my blog. The people here are either immature, or inappropriate. You get so many friend requests (and trust me, it gets annoying). All people ever post/share about are pictures like “Share this picture if you love Jesus” and “which house do you like the most?” and annoying stuff like that. Trust me, you won’t have a fun time. But if you want to get a hold of famous people, I guess this is the place for you. (Famous Fantagian’s with Facebook: Gianna4125, Pinkerellie, Spideyz_, Sammydew, Katherine OwOcookies, and a lot more). If you want to be friends, find me @Fantage Cloudy

 Wordpress: This is bae 🙂 especially because I like writing and sharing useful/funny information! I think WordPress is a great place to show off your inner talent, or just to express yourself. You can post about anything and people here wont judge you for your Fantagian’s items/level etc.

These are all my opinions so please no hate xD


9 thoughts on “Which social media for Fantage is good for you?

    1. dude its 1:09pm.. im at school LOLOL (I used the school computers to post this) haha arent you in school too?!

  1. Hi cloud~
    Sorry if you’ve been asked this before, or if I’m bugging you, or if this is taking up more than 5 seconds, etc., but when are the results of the hiring competition coming out? I’m sitting at home, watching Netflix, eating ice cream, biting my nails; all like a nervous wreck.
    If you’ve been asked this already, don’t reply because it’s a waste of your precious time, AND it’s probably reallllyyyyyyyyy annoying.
    Thanks! ❤

    1. Its fine, I just haven’t gotten the entries from all the contestants yet. The results are soon to come, but only after a few more rounds.

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