Eggs, Bunny, and Easter 2015

A new Fantage event!

So here’s part 1: Limited items+Prizes

event2 event3

I am not a big fan of these items. The shading looks bad (aka “pillow shading”… a technique used by beginners..)

I was hoping there would be a hair- but its just a costume. And for a double bonus, its pretty expensive!


Outfit-8,000 Gold

Earrings-700 Gold

Harp-2,100 Gold

Board-2,500 Gold

(the set on the left is for members as there is a starred option. The starred prices are double)

If you dont want to wear any of the new limited items, here are some outfit ideas composed of old Easter items!

Wear bunny ears, eggy costumes, or  anything that has a bunny on it LOL

I like wearing pastel colors on Easter 🙂

Lost Eggs

Click here to view Fantage Rop’s blog to get all the Lost Eggs locations!

Glitch or..??

I’m not sure if you can see, but if you squint, you can see some text underneath “Coming soon!” and It basically says whats coming next..

well as you can see, I got pretty excited when I saw “free gift” LOL

anyways, thats all for now!




5 thoughts on “Eggs, Bunny, and Easter 2015

  1. Tab trick works for this ^.^ I didn’t buy the costume cuz it looked terrible. I like the board though…And I prefer the one for mem >^<

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