someone copied my fanart entry…


This is something I made last year in April. Here’s the link to the post:

So I was looking through the entries of this year’s fanart, and this is what I found:

honestly ?? she even put her own signature on it!

I’m bad because this is MINE and its in the category “Hot fanart”. She literally just copied and pasted my work and I don’t get any credit.

Anyways, my entry is up 🙂 search for my username (cloud82_)


10 thoughts on “someone copied my fanart entry…

  1. wow,shame on millie_1 for copying your art 😡 she/he didnt even dersered (typo sorry ;-;) to get on the hot fanart! D:<

  2. omg, no wonde it looked familar…
    she also stole kittsay’s art too and didn’t give any credit, I wish fantage would just make a report button or at least let us comment anything so we can let people know that the person stole it

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