New items on Fantage!!

I loveLOVElove the new items they released! 🙂

especially… the non member items. Honestly (not being rude or anything), but this has been a treat. Fantage hasn’t made really nice non member items in a while-


The colors are so pretty, and I like how its a crop top paired with a matching skirt. And lets not get started on the orange cardigan :3

I found some fantagian’s with this dress:

o3 o4 o5 o6


Who do you think styled it the best? comment below!



Now here are just some outfits I put together

o11 o22 o33 o44


This outfit really goes with anything. Although I would suggest wearing a simple board that only consists of 1 color. And for the hair, wear a natural colored hair to bring out the colors 🙂

I literally like every single item that they released 😀

here they are (in all its glory *o* )

The hair on the very right is so pretty tho

its so trendy lol

and is it just me, or are the tops getting croppy-er and croppy-er??? like-



honestly might as well not wear any top (LOL)

One day tops be like:






*cough* um anyways hehe

here are some fantagian’s wearing new items!

o2 O7 O8 O9


C1 C2 C3 C4


If I were to rank these celebs (from most fashionable to least), I would place:

1. Meme2607 first

2. Gianna4125 second

3. Yara_yara third

4. And cristina792 fourth. (I just didn’t really like the different styled items put together xD )

Well thats all for now! comment below your rankings!


6 thoughts on “New items on Fantage!!

  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG IKR SO CUTEEEEE { the non outfit xcan I meet u at fantage someday… rofl I just need to meet a celebrity, I met some alredy and mayb u can add me… rofl im so greedy xD anyways im playing now so if ur online come on! plz

  2. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IKR SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE NON OUTFIT OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! And can I meet u on fantage? ROFL I just need to meet a celebrity… and I alredy met some… can u add me too? TYSM for being very grateful! And if ur onling im playing now so yea… plz come! if not plz feel free to choose time and date. ROFL im so greedy… or something ROFL! Also I’m smileglow2334 and im at the beach near sea breeze!
    plz come my inspiration!!!!! so bye rofl

  3. The fourth crop top, (which is the recent one) is really embarrasing. A lot of people use it now…. yea. .-.
    Idk why, maybe members want to be like hos? xP (im not offending on purpose)

  4. Hi cloud82. I love your blog. I was wondering if you’d like to meet on fantage sometime? I’d love to meet you!

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