are you fchfgahbing kidding me

fantage is just ugh

I got fantage’s email. I logged onto my account. I clicked a server. It loaded up to 32% again. I mumbled a profanity. I logged out. I logged back in. This showed up.
I’m sorry to spam you wonderful people with posts centered around myself but right now fantage is just >_>

11 thoughts on “are you fchfgahbing kidding me

  1. omg AGAIN? maybe you could try contacting-or even calling-fantage again about this issue. When you got unbanned what were you doing? maybe you did something to get yourself banned again alter on, or fantage could be glitching…

  2. i read your 3rd comments about you gotten banned (this is the 3rd i readed right now) D: brb,going to my backup account and see whats happening. btw,maybe you should contact fantage again,and hopefully your account will get unbanned again. :/

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