wtf fantage1

yup. My account was banned for roughly six days and 19 hours.

I tried to log in a few minutes ago, and this was not my first time logging in today, I was active around 7 this morning FST. I went into the server blue tiger, but it wouldn’t completely load, it would only go to 32%. I waited for a minute, and then this showed up.

After that, I logged into my side account. I did everything the same, and the same thing happened.

This might just be the universe’s way of telling me that I need to study more, but I’m still a lil pissed.

I contacted fantage, but I probably won’t hear anything back.

it was on 4/20 too TAT

Has anyone else heard about this happening, or has it happen to you?

11 thoughts on “SCREAMING

  1. The same thing happened to me. My main account, all my backups, even my MOM’S account. BANNED! I wonder if Fantage is being hacked, because I doubt that making updates would case this kind of banning glitch. Check my reply to your comment on my YouTube video.

  2. Omg!! This just happened to me today! It loaded up to 32% so i refreshed and then they said tht i was banned for 99 hours! Oh and btw i commented this as well in ur newest post ouo

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