Prom 2015! |Part 1

The prom event it here! Looks like it’s gonna be a long event.Screenshot_10

Prom Royalty


Vote for your favourite MPC! I love Michelle’s prom look! You’ll receive stars for a vote. Come back every 15 minutes to vote again. I have a question, WHO is Victoria??

Limited Items

Wow two limited carts? Let’s take a look at the first one.


The items here are really amazing! You can purchase the first two with stars/gold and the third and fourth with gold. (The tab trick isn’t working) I would love to buy all the dresses here but the prices are just too high.(5,000 Gold for each dress)

Fantage did a great job on pixelling these items. Love the colour choices and the details of the dresses. Which of these are your favourites ? Mine’s are the second and the fourth 🙂


We don’t have prom in our country, so, do you graduate right after prom night? Just curious.. There are two more prom sets here. Love the dresses here too! I tried out some of the stuff here in photobooth and the face acc on the second set here is not on the correct position. Take a look:

Screenshot_18 I hope fantage fix it. The face acc is really cute though, it looks like you’re sticking your tongue out and blushing at the same time :3

You can also find the Graduation sets at photobooth!

Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20

Here’s some fantagian wearing the new limited items:

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5  Screenshot_21lainelaine0713millie_1rocko606Screenshot_6

Hey! Do you know that drew4011 is now the 1st?

Well that’s it for Part 1 of this event!


19 thoughts on “Prom 2015! |Part 1

  1. Victoria, the NPC at the castle! On the voting page, she looks nothing like she does in the game, but shes still my favorite NPC.
    I love these items, but they’re expensive! I’m still broke from buying all of the use inspired items.
    I like this event, and I can’t wait until they have other activities besides just voting.

  2. hey omg im totally in love with your website cause its just so trendy and cuteee! i was wondering if you could check out my site and then give me some tips on how i can: 1. increase popularity, 2. make my blog more trendy and kinda like yours. thanks! and im a huge fan omggg xP


    1. Hi! Thank you Alexis! My tip on increasing blog popularity is just make lots of interesting post, you can also tag “fantage” on each of your post, so your post will appear on the tag page. Hmm trendy? Idk lol i think your blog is really cute! I love the rose background! Mhmm avoid using super bright colours like neon green or something because it will really hurts your viewers’ eyes heheh
      Yup i think that’s all. Good luck ~

  3. Yeah like people have said ^ Victoria was the NPC of Vintage Gold until it closed and became the Premium Member Boutique. Also I like the first and third dresses of the first limited item cart. 😀

      1. oh no wondering there is no more like button like you said and the little black bar on the top and stuff 😦

  4. okay so idk why, but in mymall, i put the limited items up for sale… and now it’s gone. liak i don’t think i got the gold for it???? it didn’t notify me that it got sold, and now i’m confused, because i’m pretty sure the amount of gold i had before is still the same. it’s not in my inventory either… what could have happened?

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